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The Maroon Bush Story

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Maroon Bush Story:

Nature’s Helping Hand – Scaevola Spinescens,

History and Use in Western Australia

The Maroon Bush Story

Jeanie (Barrett) Crago

with Guest Authors*

This book is the result of a 5 year dream by Jeanie Crago to bring together a comprehensive resource on over 60 years of history of Scaevola Spinescens in Western Australia.

The book contains her introduction to the maroon bush story, newspaper articles from 1947 – 1985, Health Department notes, University research notes, recipes, and anecdotal stories of Maroon Bush Tea.

You will get a fascinating look into the work of Athol Monck, a keen researcher and promoter of indigenous use of Australian plants for medicinal use. The book brings together for the first time information from early outback culture, and government departments and activities, giving both insights into early Australian culture regarding health, and the interplay of social vs commercial and political interests.

Current perspectives on Scaevola Spinescens are added to with *guest authors, Dr Ian Cock, Dr Philip Kerr, Associate Professor, Bob Longmore, Dr Sue Semple, Dr Sally Nobbs, and Dr Robert L. Pearce.

The book also has a powerful collection of stories from people’s personal experience and leaves one with the significant question: Where to from here with the Maroon Bush Story?

The Maroon Bush Story is 170 pages, stitch bound with color pictures

$38.00  plus $2.00 postage (within Australia). At the moment only available at Jeanie’s Maroon Bush Site


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