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Background and Bio


Chris Barrett is the driving force behind the Eye Gym, which is the product of comprehensive research, comparison and testing of many eye exercise programs and vision improvement methods.

Chris has a background in farming, mining and engineering, a B.A.,Th with distinction, and a vast resource of skills and education based on years of research and study. He also holds a Cert IV in Workplace Trainer/Assessor and is the inventor and builder of the Aquaticat Boat. You can see a 2 minute YouTube Video of the Aquaticat here. It was filmed with a GoPro at Batemans Bay, New South Wales.

Trusting our own product

Have you ever watched someone looking for their glasses? I have, but it is not me. I don’t wear glasses. I have been using the Eye Gym off and on for well over 10 years. Reading became a matter of holding my book further and further away, and more and more blur. Today, 10 years on, the Eye Gym was and continues to be the solution.

I firmly believe in doing everything one can to maintain the body in good health naturally. In my opinion my eyes were the same, and the Eye Gym offers a natural solution. Today, I am without glasses as a result, and I am proof we can improve our vision with eye exercises. There are some issues for which it is very important you seek professional help, but it is too easy to rush off and buy a pair of glasses. I am so glad I have avoided the cost and hassles.,

Over the time I have watched many of my peers move from their first to their second, and third pair of glasses. Each one stronger than the last. All expensive, and all just as easy to lose! And, each time they lose them, the results are worse because they can see less and less without them.


The Eye Gym will not fix the vision of every person because there are some problems that require medical or other intervention.

However, we believe virtually everyone will be significantly helped by the Eye Gym. We expect many also can, and do, ditch or avoid glasses. Based on this, we offer a money back guarantee. If you have followed the instructions and given the Eye Gym your best shot, and believe you have not had good value for money, please let us know within 30 days and we will refund your money.


Chris is based in New South Wales, Australia. He can be contacted on 02 69263530, or mobile 0448992033. You can also email at cb25@bigpond.com